Director, Academic Department of NTUEE Student Association

I led a team of 30 students to organize various academic affairs, such as speeches, awards, NTU festival, etc., for over 800 students in the EE department.

My fantastic team in the Academic Department.

In my third year of university, I served as the Director of the Academic Department in NTUEE Student Association. I led 30 students to organize various academic affairs for 800 students in my department.

We held EExploreDay, an event that invited professors to introduce their research labs for our freshman students. We organized the Undergraduate Innovation Award, a competition for students to showcase their research. We arranged our department's vendor in the NTU Festival, an event that introduced high-school students to different majors in the university. We also assisted students to find their interest area of study, to purchase second-hand textbooks, to connect with alumni who would like to share their experiences, and to prepare for their exams, etc. Last but not least, the ideas of launching MakeNTU and MakerSpace were also initiated from the discussion within the academic department.