Founder, NTUEE MakerSpace

We provide rapid prototyping tools and organize workshops to help students transform their ideas into reality.


Motivated by the need for rapid prototyping tools outside restricted research labs of individual faculty, I founded this makerspace to assist students in doing their side projects. Different from MakeNTU, which is a short event that lasts only 24 hours, the makerspace offers a long-term opportunity for students to transform ideas into reality. Students can access any hardware (e.g. electronics, GPU), software (e.g. AutoCAD), and prototyping tools (e.g. 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC milling machines) freely in the makerspace. We also organize workshops to teach students some basic prototyping skills, such as the usages of Arduino and AutoCAD. Our makerspace is located at EE Building 1 in National Taiwan University.