Research Interests

Context-Aware Computing

I am eager to unlock sensing techniques through underexplored signals that reveal user information and to provide users with this information through dynamic visual or haptic interfaces.

Digital Fabrication

I am excited about embedding digital properties into physical objects that are traditionally passive and static. I want to expand on the lessons I have learned from building digital fabrication tools to support creative practice in general.

Applications to Human Well-Being

Building upon these experiences, I envision work in which I combine digital fabrication and context-aware computing to create assistive and sensing technologies for human health, behavior change, and accessibility.

Human-AI Collaboration

To further deploy these intelligent technologies at scale, I am interested in investigating current social computing systems and building alternatives that better support human welfare on a community level.


biophilic technology

Biophilic Technology: Exploring the Application of Biophilic Principles to the Design of Digital Interfaces.

CHI 2021 (under review)


TilePoP: Tile-type Pop-up Prop for Virtual Reality

UIST 2019 – Best Paper Honorable Mention


AutoFritz: Autocomplete for Prototyping Virtual Breadboard Circuits

CHI 2019 – Best Paper Honorable Mention


PuPoP: Pop-up Prop on Palm for Virtual Reality

UIST 2018


Deep Aggregation Net for Land Cover Classification

CVPRW 2018

depth from gaze

Depth from Gaze

ICIP 2018

Posters and Demos


Let It Rip! Using Velcro for Acoustic Labeling

UIST 2020 Poster


Assessing Political Bias using Crowdsourced Pairwise Comparisons

HCOMP 2020 – Best Poster Award



Chair – MakeNTU Makeathon

Taipei, Taiwan


Founder – NTUEE MakerSpace

Taipei, Taiwan


Director – Academic Dept. of NTUEE Student Association

Taipei, Taiwan


Community Associate – Stanford Graduate Residence

Stanford, CA